United Way of Canada – Centraide is a national organization created in 1939 to support local United Way organizations across Canada.  This structure ensures that each United Way follows the same guidelines and provides consistency within each organization. Since all United Way’s across Canada are similar in operations, we encourage you to visit United Way of Canada – Centraide website for answers to frequently asked questions. We have provided some questions that are specific to United Way of Central Alberta, which was formed in 1965 to serve local communities.


How does a donor designate there gift to a specific charitable organization? What information is needed, and what are the administrative costs of doing this?
You can choose to designate your gift to any registered Canadian charity in Canada.  You will need the correct name of the charity and the Charitable ID. #  The administration cost is $15 per designation and we request a minimum designation amount of $25.

How is the amount of money given to each agency decided?

There is one Priority Impact Team (PIT) per Pillar of the new Tri-pillar investment framework. The PITs will invest time and assess the alignment of each program to our 3 pillars of Income, Education and Wellness. After a review of agency financial information and meeting with representatives of each agency, it develops recommendations that are forwarded for consideration by the Community Impact Council of United Way of Central Alberta,   both CIC and PIT have volunteer members who are drawn from a cross section of the community.

What percentage of donations to United Way is actually used for its intended purpose?
In Central Alberta, our fundraising and administration costs are estimated to be 22% based on raising $2.25 million in 2013.

The money collected by a local United Way is distributed in its community based on advice from local volunteers – independent of what other United Ways are doing. For example, if you chose to give to United Way of Central Alberta, the money is allocated to organizations in Central Alberta. United Way supports pan-Canadian organizations (for example the Canadian National Institute for the Blind) and works with the local chapter to ensure that the dollars stay in Central Alberta.

Some campaigns, such as the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign, are pan-Canadian in scope. In this instance, the money raised through this campaign goes to United Way in the city/region where the funds were collected. For example, funds collected from federal public servants in Central Alberta goes to United Way of Central Alberta.

Mailing Lists

I made a donation to United Way and now I am receiving United Way mailings. Can I be removed from your mailing list?
We respect the wishes of those who choose to be removed from mailing lists. To have your name removed, contact us by calling 403.343.3900 or e-mail info@caunitedway.ca


How do I know my personal information will be protected?
United Way adheres to federal and provincial privacy legislation. We are committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information. To ensure your protection, United Ways have adopted privacy policies.

Tax Receipts

How do I get a tax receipt for my donation?
If you contributed via payroll deduction at your workplace, it should be reflected on your T4. Therefore a receipt is not required. If not, please contact us at 403.343.3900 or e-mail info@caunitedway.ca.


How can I acquire a United Way logo?
Call 403.343.3900 or e-mail info@caunitedway.ca to request a logo.

Exposing the Myths Behind United Way Executive Compensation
For a number of years, information from an unknown source has been circulating around the internet making false allegations against different charitable organizations, and their CEOs. America Red Cross, UNICEF, and United Ways have been highlighted in this email with accusations regarding the salary and perks of their organizations’ CEO.
**For more information and to read our response please click here.