Impact Stories

Wade Harestad, grew up with divorced parents and had limited interactions with his father. Knowing that Wade needed a consistent and positive male role model, Wade’s mother signed him up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Red Deer, a United Way funded agency. Eventually, after several years, Wade was matched with Michael.

When Wade grew up, he wanted to give back so he took on a little brother of his own. His first experience as a big brother took place when he was attending chiropractic school in the United States. His little brother, 7 at the time, was shy, introverted and scared to try new things but with Wade’s persistence, eventually began to open up. After being matched with Wade, he also began excelling in school and sports.

Once Wade moved back to Central Alberta, he decided to rejoin Big Brother Big Sisters of Red Deer. When presented with all the kids that needed big brothers, he saw one boy who had been on the waiting list for several years. Wade appreciates the fact that he can give back to a community that helped him when he was a young child.

“I wouldn’t be who I am today without United Way. Michael changed my life and now I can do the same through my matches.”

Impact Posters

Discover the agencies that receive United Way support and how they impact people’s lives, right here in our community!  Click on the following links to preview and download the Community Impact posters from the past two years. This information was gathered from agencies that received funding in 2010 and 2011.

2011 Impact Stories

2010 Impact Stories