How We Maintain Open and Transparent Financial Accountability

We know that trust can never be assumed, it is earned every single day. At United Way Central Alberta, we are doing all we can to earn and to keep the trust extended to us. United Way is financially accountable to you, the donor, and to the community. Here are some of the ways that we retain open and transparent financial accountability:

Our Financial Practices & Policies

  • An independent Board of Directors who provides oversight
  • A finance committee made up of Board members, Community Members and Staff
  • Monthly review of all financial activity by the Finance Committee
  • Yearly independent audit completed by independent accounting firm. Our current auditors are MNP
  • Remaining in compliance with charitable status requirements of CRA our charitable registration number is 119278364RR001
  • Regular review of all expenses by Finance Committee and the Board of Directors
  • Dual signatures required on all outgoing payments, one by a Management level staff member and one by a member of the Board of Directors Executive Committee

Operating Efficiency

We know that donors want as much of their donation as possible going directly to our most vulnerable. At United Way Central Alberta we are constantly working to improve our efficiency maximizing the impact of your donation.

Financial Statements

Annual Reports