Why United Way

1. United Way of Central Alberta is unique among nonprofit organizations

We are a volunteer-driven, grass-roots movement that creates lasting change in our communities by bringing people and resources together to address community-wide issues.

2. United Way of Central Alberta has a history of service.

Incorporated in 1965, United Way of Central Alberta has earned donors trust for over 40 years by investing their contributions to achieve meaningful and visible results. United Way ensures that each donation is responsibly managed and directed to the areas of greatest need in our community.

3. United Way of Central Alberta is independent yet connected to a national movement.

The United Way of Central Alberta is part of a global United Way movement, and is one of 124 members of United Way of Canada – Centraides Canada. Each is independent, separately incorporated, and governed by local volunteers. Last year, United Ways across the country have collected more than $440 million to help build stronger communities.

4. United Way of Central Alberta strengthens our nonprofit infrastructure.

Today, we count over 30 nonprofit agencies as United Way of Central Alberta member agencies. United Way of Central Alberta meets regularly with the Funders Forum, a collaborative effort among various levels of government and charitable organizations that play a funding role in Central Alberta’s human services sector. The group meets informally to network on topics of shared concern and work toward meaningful support of Central Alberta’s non-profit community.

5. United Way of Central Alberta builds partnerships.

We bring together people from all across the community — people from government, business, faith groups, and nonprofits, as well as not-so-ordinary citizens — to tackle the issues that matter most. What sets us apart is our ability to help diverse groups share knowledge and resources for the benefit of our community.

6. United Way of Central Alberta is focused on community impact.

We invest community contributions strategically into programs that nurture children and youth, care for the elderly, people with special needs, and strengthen families as well as individuals, and meet the basic needs of people in crisis. We bring our communities together to look at our most urgent needs and do what it takes to improve and change lives.

7. United Way of Central Alberta leads.

Our style of leadership is to encourage and motivate. We strive to inspire and empower others in the community by our spirit and actions.

8. United Way of Central Alberta links donors to the issues they care about.

The most important resource we have is people — those whom we serve and all of those who volunteer, who work, who invest, and who care about making a long-term change in community conditions. Compass II, our community-wide research project, helps us identify local perceptions of our most important community assets and most urgent needs. United Way works with partners to focus on these issues and get the results which the community needs.

9. United Way of Central Alberta is a good steward.

The contributions donors and volunteers make through United Way are investments in their communities. You can trust us to be effective, efficient and good stewards of your investments. United Way’s overhead of 21% is well below the 35% threshold recommended for nonprofit organizations by the Better Business Bureau of Canada.

10. United Way of Central Alberta is results-oriented.

Your gift to United Way is multiplied by donations from individuals, organizations, and foundations. Together, we are far more powerful, and we can use that power to improve our community. At United Way, we hold ourselves accountable not just for action but also for the bottom-line results — the lives we change and the communities we shape.