What A Dollar Buys

dollar signEver wonder what your donation can buy? Regardless of the size of your donation, here are some examples of what your contribution can purchase for those in your community who need your support.

Change Starts Here

$2/pay* = $52/year
Provides 10 men, women and children in need with gloves over the winter months, ensuring that they stay warm

$1/work day or $10/pay* = $260/year
Helps 10 women learn about setting boundaries, breaking the cycle of physical and psychological violence for both themselves and their children

$1/day or $14/pay* = $365/year
Supports 12 children with limited resources by providing school supplies for the year, enabling them to learn without limitations

$2.75/day or $39/pay* = $1,000/year
Delivers groceries to 50 seniors for one month, maintaining their independence in their own home and preventing isolation

*Based on 26 pay periods