Day of Caring™

It’s no secret that the current economy is tough on regional businesses, but it’s even tougher on local non-profit agencies struggling with budget shortfalls and increasing demands for services. That’s why United Way Central Alberta is seeking dedicated individuals and corporate teams to participate in the Day of Caring™ program.

What is a Day of Caring™?
United Way Day of Caring™ is an agency-focused event that connects volunteers to local non-profit organizations, and promotes volunteerism through community service. These agencies receive much-needed assistance, which in turn allows them to focus their resources on those they serve.

United Way Day of Caring™ has become a well-loved and much-anticipated part of the campaign season. Many companies and agencies are hard-pressed to keep up with the demand for goods, services and labour. But in times such as these, that leadership makes an impact, and companies and employees can truly make a difference by volunteering their time as well as their financial resources. For every hour that a person volunteers an agency can shift dollars from its operating budget to client services..

If you’ve ever experienced a Day of Caring™, you know exactly why most companies participate annually. Every volunteer walks away having learned something about themselves, their community and the spirit of caring


Bank of Montreal Employees at Women’s Outreach packing

Tools for Schools Backpacks 2015



Why Organize a Day of Caring™ Project?

  • Employees benefit from seeing first-hand what agencies do for the community
  • Employees come away with increased morale by supporting community projects
  • Agencies need your skill and experience to help them sustain their operations

Contact United Way at (403) 343-3900 and ask for a current list opportunities