Client Ambassadors

We encourage you to invite a client ambassador to your workplace who can share their story with you, and how dramatically their lives have changed through the support they receive through United Way funded programs and services.


Thanks to United Way funding, Tia has received the mentorship and support she needed from the Heartland Youth Centre in Stettler.  She is an extraordinary girl that has been able to work through hardships.  “I am a lot more confident now,” says Tia.  For more of her story click here






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“United Way was crucial in allowing me to regain my independence, by supporting agencies in my community.”

To read Carla’s full story click here



PlayerCards-LindaShepherdPlayerCards-LindaShepherd 2 “United Way has given me the opportunity to stay social and to build new, lasting friendships.”

To read Linda’s full story click here


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“United Way has given me the tools to manage my Epilepsy and connect with other support systems.”

To read Dallas’s story click here


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“United Way gave me all the things I needed to survive. Once that was done, I was able to start to live my life again.”

 To Read Scott’s story click here



PlayerCards-Denise Bouw_Page_1 PlayerCards-Denise Bouw_Page_2“I couldn’t raise my children properly without United Way. Now I can provide the social experience they need and create a positive learning environment for them.”

To read Denise’s story click here


For smaller groups, we also have our campaign video and have posted some client stories right here for you to use.  Please contact the  United Way Resource Department to book a speaking engagement or to request a video.

2014 Campaign Video