Leadership giving helps bring about community action at its finest.

All gifts have an impact. Gifts over $1,200 or more, however, enable United Way to remove more barriers, bring about greater action, and shine a brighter light for those facing challenges. Here’s how your leadership gift helps:

  • Matches 20 volunteers to 20 young kids, mostly from single parent homes
  • Screens over 120 children for early learning milestones
  • Provides specialized equipment for over 20 individuals experiencing diminishing eyesight
  • Helps eight families get re-established with household necessities after escaping violence

Emerging evidence shows that intervening in one person’s life can result in positive changes to 20 or more people in their circle of family and friends.  Your leadership gift to United Way can positively impact 800 or more people.

Family Giving – Leadership giving makes a powerful difference in the community – it  leaves an even greater personal legacy for your children and grandchildren.  Did you know you can combine your family’s  gifts to become a Leadership Family?  You can also set up a named fund in honour of a family member or a special loved one.