The Donor’s Rights Code of Conduct

The Donor participates in the very essence of our mission and purpose, that must be recognized at all times and without reservation.

  • The right to be informed of the organization’s mission and purpose and to become a member of he organization if the donor so wishes

  • The right to know the identity of the organizations officers and members of the Board of Directors and to expect that they act with the greatest transparency, integrity and discernment in implementing the organization’s mission and purpose for the best interests of the community

  • The right to have access to the organization’s annual financial statements and to easily obtain a copy

  • The right to know how donations, directly or indirectly contributed to the organization are distributed, and to be assured that donated funds are used as intended by the donor

  • The right to be treated with consideration and respect by the organization and to receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition

  • The right to confidentiality regarding personal information about donors and facts about their donations

  • The right to expect that all relationships between the organization’s representatives and the donor, will be professional in nature

  • The right to be informed of the exact nature of the relationship that which exists between fundraisers and the organization

  • The right to expect that the organization will not share or sell a mailing list which includes the donor’s name, without providing the donor with a meaningful opportunity to decline

  • The right to ask questions of the organization and to expect prompt, truthful and complete answers in an easy-to-understand manner