Funding Opportunities

We are pleased to share our newest Community Impact Strategy, which outlines our priorities for the next three years.

One-Time Grant Funding

On April 1, 2023, any eligible organization that address the priorities that were identified in the Community Impact Strategy will be able to apply for one-time grant funding. The total funds available is $62,500 and will be available throughout the year, while funds remain.

  • Brighter Future Project Grants

    The purpose of the project grants is to enable smaller one-time projects to access funding in one of these three categories:

    1. Create opportunities that strengthen youth and young adults who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+
    2. Innovative ideas that improve employment prospects.
    3. Innovative ideas that enable people to build assets and gain financial security.

  • Professional Development Grants

    The purpose of the professional development funds is to foster future leadership capacity by enabling organizational leaders, including senior staff and volunteers, to participate in professional development opportunities that enhance their ability to lead their organization.

  • Capital and Equipment Grants

    The purpose of the capital and equipment fund is to assist agencies with necessary improvements to meet licensing or safety requirements or to renovate your facility to improve or expand services.

Multi-Year Funding

March 13, 2023 until the application deadline of April 17th, 2023, any eligible organization that address one of the following priorities will be able to apply for multi-year funding. The total funds available this year is $517,500.

  • Improve access to culturally based mental health and addictions support or intervention programs.
  • Improve access to affordable and timely counselling services.
  • Support households experiencing family violence.
  • Increase opportunities for youth to build healthy relationships with family, peers, adults and community.
  • Increase access to culturally based parenting programs and supports.
  • Increase access to culturally based youth programs.
  • Increase access to programs that support the development of essential life skills in youth.
  • Increase access to outreach services that enable independent living.