Emily & Sydney’s Story

Creating positive futures with new possiblities

“Engaging in enjoyable and fun activities with Sydney lets me detach from the stresses of daily life.  It’s therapeutic in a way that people might not realize.” – Emily

Nurturing Futures and Fostering Friendship

Emily and Sydney’s Journey with Big Brothers Big Sisters Lacombe

A Big Brothers Big Sisters Lacombe match is making a big impact on the lives of Emily and Sydney. Emily, who is studying to become a social worker, emphasizes how this match is shaping her path: “Being a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters has been more than just a volunteer role. It’s an invaluable experience for my future career.” Her dedication to giving back extends to her accumulated volunteer hours, which serve as building blocks for her journey in social work. “I’ve been able to put theory into practice, and that’s immensely valuable for my schooling,” she said.

“Making a positive impact on my community and the future generation feels good,” she added. “No matter what’s going on in my life, meeting Sydney lifts my spirits,” Emily said.

Their bond is nurtured through shared activities. “Engaging in enjoyable and fun activities with Sydney lets me detach from the stresses of daily life. It’s therapeutic in a way people might not realize,” she said. They share activities like painting, baking, and even cleaning. “Yes, cleaning! It might sound weird, but it’s something we both enjoy,” Emily laughed.

However, their connection isn’t limited to specific interests. “We’re kindred spirits in so many ways,” Emily said. “From crocheting to sushi eating, from shopping to relaxing at the beach – we’ve built a bond through these shared experiences.”

Emily shares that consistency is important for Sydney’s growth. “Showing her she is worthy of being loved and having someone show up for her and stick to their word, in turn, builds her self-esteem and overall view of relationships for the future,”she said.

One of the most significant impacts is the trust Sydney places in Emily: “I am not perceived as a ‘buzzkill’. My hope is that my words and actions make a real impact on her,” Emily added. This perception as a friend rather than an authoritative figure creates a unique dynamic. “She views me as someone ‘cool’, which helps us communicate openly,” Emily explains.

United Way Central Alberta’s support for Big Brothers Big Sisters is Building Futures, one connection at a time. Emily and Sydney’s is a great example of United Way’s goal of creating positive futures by building skills and strengthening relationships.